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FAQ Page

Which genre of platforms exists for lol?

Actually the analystic world is evolving day by day, online gaming too.

On internet you can find 3 types of platforms:

  • Internal: Performance without limits, nothing to compare to others.
  • External memory read: Reads in local all your champ data
  • External Pixelbots: Takes screenshots that are analyzed


What's Holyness?

Our platform was born for fun with one of the other admin here, nothing special.

Since that day we improved everything in it’s core, api etc.

Which are its functions?

We aim to the safety of the game and our customers so you will have these functions in our platform:

  • Orbwalker: Combo, Laneclear, LastHit, Harass, Flee, Kite, Poke
  • Evade: Humanized or Godlike mode makes is UNBELIEVABLE!
  • Activator: With this you are safe everytime, everywhere
  • Champion Logic: All champions are supported
  • Multilanguage: Use the platform in your language!
  • Drawings: With the new beta stage, we also introduced drawings for dx11
  • BaseULT: Yeah dude, we also have that feature too
  • Custom AutoLoLs.ini: We dont aim to charge anyone for our work, we just want you to be a member in our family and enjoy it.

Is it safe/undetected?

Since the release we are working hard every second of every minute of every hour of my life to make it undetected.

All the update will follow a beta stage firstly for make it sure for all

Which regions are supported?

We can cover easily all regions.


*marks because you need to ask them in our staff chat for have access

How can i buy it?

As first, we would like to thank you about thinking to give us a try.

You can easily go to the shop and make the payment


Payment system accepted?

We know for some of you is hard to afford other payment methods if not classic one.

This made us able to support all the payments you need:

  • Credit – Debit card
  • Paypal
  • American Express
  • Stripe

With most currencies:

  • EUR
  • USD
  • TRY
  • BRL

Is the payment autorecurrent?

Absolutely no, the payment is of one time.

If you want to renew, you have to come here again and buy another plan with other credentials

What will i get with my order?

Actually we offer 4 plans:

  • 1 Hour – 1 Day – 1 Week – 1 Month

You will get for 1 Hour – 1 Day:

  • 1 hour of the latest loader.

You will get for 1 week plan:

  • 1 Week of the latest Loader.

You will get for 1 Month plan:

  • 1 Month of the latest Loader
  • Logcleaner
  • Discord access and AutoLoLs.ini for free

Is there a guarantee for my money?

We wont steal your money or something else, we know that money you will spend are essential for you.

Actually we cant refund you if you get banned or something else that is not related by our side.

We can allow you to resell your key if you want to go over and dont play anymore with our platforms.

Hope you guys understand this, we are hard working for you and ill repeat you all that we try our best, everytime, to serve you a perfect platform.

Where can i download it?

Once you bought the product, please contact us at https://holyness.crisp.help/en/ with your order number

My account

How can i extract/install it?

Once you have downloaded it from the link we provide:

  • Extract into a location of your choice.
  • Check your MailBox or Order control panel, you will see the credentials as “serial numbers”
  • Login with the credentials you got into email or account panel, as example you will read ity1_d00000 wzNJ6DS8cRB that is like ID: ity1_d00000 and PASSWORD: wzNJ6DS8cRB
  • Remember please that the credentials are NOT the one you use for login into our website, otherwise the game will just crash or the injector will too
  • Once logged in
  • Go in-game, when you are in the fountain, run RUNTIMEBROKER.EXE
  • Always run everything as Admin and Enjoy

Which are the default keybinds?

  • SPACE: Combo mode
  • V: Laneclear mode
  • C: Harass/LastHit mode
  • T: Flee
  • K: Disable Evade
  • SHIFT: Open menu in game if you are using version with drawings
  • F5: To hide all drawings if you are using version with drawings and want to stream